Authentic family recipe and made with garbanzo beans, vegetables and spices
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Comes ready to cook and serve in pita or a wrap or eaten as appetizer on its own!
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25% larger than most plant-based burgers and grain free
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Garnish with veggies or eat alone and comes with tray to keep patties firm
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Olive Valley is built around an authentic family recipe passed down for generations.

Our service revolves around the golden rule that food brings people together. We strive to share a staple food from Mediterranean cuisine with the public

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Literally the best frozen falafel you can buy (especially if you aren’t a fan of cilantro like me). We usually make our falafel from scratch but these are perfect for when you don’t have the time. Plus, each box is at least 2 meals worth of food for my partner and I!
Wanted to have a very nutrient packed lunch for myself! Topped my salad with falafel patties I made from Olive Valley Falafel! Very tasty overall and definitely filled me up!
Olive Valley Falafel is the one and only falafel brand! Perfect little falafels! Super wholesome ingredients. Olive Valley is legitimately the most amazing brand everrrrrr!!!!!!!!
I love Olive Valley Falafel – falafel patties on spinach with some naan and bruschetta on top! One of my favorite dinners because it’s really easy and yummy.
I posted falafel on my story this week and honestly got more dms than I have in a while. The star of the bowl: Olive Valley Falafel sticks. We love a short, simple ingredient list.
Mediterranean wrap with Olive Valley Falafel patties – Super tasty, very easy!
Last night’s falafel bowl for dinner was fire!! Falafel from Olive Valley Falafel for the perfect dinner bowl!
This frozen falafel by Olive Valley Falafel is seriously THE BEST. Toss it in a pan with just a little olive oil – less than 2 onutes on each side – and its ready. I love that it is patties and not balls because you can get it just a little crispy on the outside and it isn’t at all mushy (which I sometimes find to be a problem with falafel). Drizzled with a little bit of tahini. AMAZE-BALLS (actually, amaze-patties!)
FALAFEL! I’ve been on such a falafel kick the past few weeks. I’ve been able to buy them frozen from Whole Foods – Olive Valley Falafel only a few ingredients (no extra oils) SO good! I just heat them up on the stovetop & toss them into salads or wraps to add some chickpea protein & some extra flavor. 1000/10 recommend.
Olive Valley Falafel patties are amazing!
First time trying Olive Valley Falafel and 10/10!!!!
Olive Valley Falafel – this stuff is amazing!!! I pan fried in olive oil and dipped in tahini sauce.
We buy these yummmmmy Olive Valley Falafels in the frozen section of Whole Foods.
If you are like us who loves falafel, give this a try! We bought it from Whole Foods in the refrigerated aisle and loved it! It has clean, simple ingredients and tastes delicious. Must try! 10/10 RECOMMEND
Came across your product at Whole Foods. Some of the best falafel I’ve had. Your ingredients have no added preservatives and it relays in the taste.
I have been eating your falafel patties for about 6 months now and I honestly just wanted to reach out and let you guys know that I think your falafel is just absolutely incredible. Every single batch I’ve had is packed so full of flavor and satisfaction, it’s very clear that you guys don’t cut corners when it comes to ingredients and quality. Thank you so much for having such incredible clean foods!!!
Your stuff is the best!
Olive Valley Falafel – The best of the best. My favorite! The best falafel in town.
So good!
Great stuff!
These are the best falafel!!
So delicious! Love eating it for breakfast.
I’ve prepared the falafel patties according to instructions and they’re delicious!
Delicious and Healthy – These falafel patties are delicious beyond belief! Clean, simple, and short ingredients list, 9g of protein per serving, and a teensy bit of kick with the serrano pepper in them. Perfect for a quick lunch. I find myself craving these all the time and have two boxes in my freezer at all times!
Delicious – Simple awesome. Balance Ingredients. Best results with both shallow frying and using Air Fryer (just brush with 3 drops olive oil).
Excellent quality – Great taste and texture. One of the best falafels in the frozen category.